Monday, April 30, 2012

Video Project

What worked really well for my group was the concept of the video we wanted to portray.  We knew we wanted to make a video on something at Albright that would be difficult for an incoming Freshman would have a hard time understanding.  Crossing the crosswalks here on campus is honestly a dificult thing to do here.  Its not so much that students can't grab the concept, but the Reading community has a hard time stopping at stop signs.  Going along with that even more, they have a hard time looking both ways.  I feel we cuold have spent mroe time with footage.  My group member plays a Spring sport, and I didn't want to film without her because this was a group project sow e had tor eally work with the little time we had.  I think I would push a little harder to have meeting times.  The skills I will take away will be learning how to actually create movies, and upload them to YouTube. Now I know how people do it!

The age level I would incorporate into this movie would be for K-1st.  I think it would be neat to document the students potting a plant in a small pot, and as the weeks go by document the life of their plants, and make a movie that ties all the weeks together so it is almost like a flipbook of growth.  I think the children would love watching a short movie on something they made. 

Lesson Plan Title: Everyday Life of a Plant
Duration: 6-8weeks

30 Small Pots
30 Seed packets

Step By Step:
1. Students will be given newspaper and place their individual pot on the paper
2. Students will take a small hand full of dirt and place it in the pot
3.  Students will open the pack of seeds and take their fingers, dig a small hole, and places the seeds in the pocket, and close it back up with dirt.
4.  There will be a small container with water passed around to water their plants then placed on the window sill

*This will be done everyday as soon as class begins

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