Monday, March 19, 2012


1. Discuss copyright for teachers. What did you learn? What surprised you? What ways have you observed copyright laws being violated in schools (no names, please, just examples)? How about out of school? Is it your job to teach copyright respect to your students? How will you do this? 

     Now a days, it is so hard to take images and such from the internet and be able to use them within the classroom without copyright infringement.  I am so surprised that even websites such as Pintrest is undergoing legal issues concerning Copyrighting.  It is suppose to be a fun, interactive website for social networking and now users have to be fearful of possibly being "sued".  
     There have been times in school where teachers have the students go online and find images that relate to powerpoints, lesson plans, and research papers and now that can be considered Copyrighting.  However, in order to teach students how to be respectful, it must be taught how to create citations for each image and such.  This has to be done to show respect to the owner of those images and Copyright materials.  
      For example: This would be considered Copyright infringement:


This would not be:,_Sand_Beach.htm

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